about us

Toco Surf Pacific Beach is known for their quality Mexican Food and also for their extensive surfboard collection. You can see and smell the delicious food cooking when you enter. We are always asked, “Whats in that big pot over there?”

I would say the carne asada is one of the best sellers at Taco Surf. We use top sirloin and cook each one to order. The meat never sits after it is cooked. Tortilla soup is one of the favorites also, the tomato broth has a nice piquant flavor, you can choose fresh grilled chicken or shrimp. We were voted “Best rolled tacos” by San Diego Magazine. We offer beef, chicken or potato rolled tacos.  Our guacamole is made with Haas Avocados, and it has no fillers, it is all vegetable. We offer Monday through Friday specials. Taco Tuesday and Taco Thursday are the most popular. We also take a dollar off the Chicken Tortilla Soup when it is raining. Taco Surf will also cater you special event. Weddings, birthdays, graduations, anything….

Established in 1989
Owner Sam and Cindy McLarty worked together with ex-partner David Pairis at Casa Salsa in Chula Vista in 1979. David created Taco Salsa on Highland Ave, in National City. He opened Taco Salsa Pacific Beach in 1987. He approached Sam and Cindy to take over the Pacific Beach location so he could focus on his other store.

When they took over they changed the name to Taco Surf Pacific Beach. They all believe in using the highest quality ingredient they can buy and cooking all the food on site.

Taco Surf Pacific Beach has become very popular over the years with surfers, professionals, young, old, locals, tourists, everybody. The owners really like watching the families grow. Customers that came in as kids now bring in their kids (groms).

Sam is a surfboard collector. That is evident when you walk in the restaurant. There are many early “60’s” boards in Taco Surf. Cindy has been always loved to cook and keep up with the trends and tastes of Mexican Food fans.